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Therapeutic treatment program that provides case consultation, assessment, as well as individual and group and/or family treatment for adults and juveniles that have been adjudicated for sexual offense, that  are court-ordered to be evaluated, and/or court ordered to participate in treatment.

Written sex Offender Evaluation Reports are available upon request for those involved with the adult and juvenile justice system at a fee schedule not included in the cost of individual or group treatment.

What is needed from the client:  Identifying information, background information (developmental, educational, social, medical/psychiatric, etc.), criminal offense history, prior sex offender treatment outcome if applicable, description of release environment, and results of any psychological and medical testing.

What level of service is guaranteed by the therapist:  Providing treatment to individuals within 10 business days after original referral date.  In the event that an individual is court ordered or identified to be in need of immediate or additional treatment services with or without a return court date, a 7-business day commencement can be offered.

If deemed appropriate, the therapist will coordinate with both juvenile and adult probation departments to appropriately provide follow through with treatment planning.  In the event that a polygraph is ordered at any point during treatment, the individual or agency requesting the examination is responsible for the fee.  In addition, in the event that the therapist is asked to appear in court there will be a fee charged to the individual client.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash or credit/debit cards.  Checks are not accepted.

If you, your client or someone you know is in need of this service, please contact us at 704.930.6000 to schedule an appointment.