Q Foundation


“Success lies in forming the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do.” Coach Q

Q Speaking 2016

Two of the things you notice immediately upon meeting Stephán “Coach Q” Askew, Sr., is his authenticity and overwhelming commitment to community and behavior change. Coach Q, as he is affectionately referred to by both clients and colleagues alike, is the real deal, a true humanitarian and community activist. This Fayetteville, North Carolina native’s personal core values can be summed up in three words—Faith, Family and Philanthropy.

Not only is Coach Q a seasoned entrepreneur, author and philanthropist, but he is one of the nation’s most sought after cognitive behavioral specialists and leading expert voices on behavior change. Coach Q is the founder and CEO of Q Foundation Incorporated (QFI), a recidivism reduction agency that provides an array of programs and services that strengthens the lives of offenders, returning citizens and their families. For over two decades, Coach Q and his QFI team has successfully served over ten thousand clients and still making a strong impact today.

 “We all make mistakes but that does not define who we are,” says Coach Q. “True success lies in possessing the ambition to be great and the determination to make it happen no matter our circumstances.”

Coach Q’s multi-faceted talents and skillset coupled with his diverse background make him a dynamic speaker and engaging motivator with a proven record of excellence. While Coach Q works with individuals on all levels of life, including other entrepreneurs and business professionals, he specializes in empowering offenders, inmates and returning citizens through a structured and professional process that he has created and perfected over the last two decades. He provides motivational speaking to inmates housed in correctional institutions and offender-based organizations throughout the United States and abroad. Furthermore, he provides training and consulting services to correctional facilities interested in inmate programming and program implementation.  Under his leadership, QFI became the first minority-owned agency to provide programming for inmates in Mecklenburg County jails—as well as one of the first minority-owned agencies in the entire United States to do so.

Coach Q is a United States Navy veteran and an accomplished athlete.  He is also a two-time recipient of the Navy Achievement Award. He is an award-winning author with three publications all geared towards bettering the lives of others. His book, From Bars to Business, teaches entrepreneur success after incarceration for returning citizens. He is also the author of The Mindset of a Champion, which teaches his readers winning strategies to understand and apply simple principles to beat the everyday challenges they may face.  Coach Q’s most recent publication is Unbreakable— A message of Hope, Faith and Perseverance.

Coach Q’s is an avid golfer and believes the game teaches the values he finds important and key to living a successful and productive life: discipline, determination and great attention to detail. In addition, Coach Q is a dedicated father and husband who takes pride in providing a healthy and supportive environment for his family and loved ones.