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Juvenile diversion is an intervention strategy redirects youth away from formal processing in the juvenile justice system, while still holding them accountable for their actions.  Diversion programs may vary from low-intensity warn-and-release programs to more intensive treatment all in lieu of formal court processing.  The goal of the diversion programs is to reduce recidivism or the occurrence of problem behaviors without having to formally process youth in the justice system.

Diversion can occur at several different contact points in the juvenile justice system, but generally youths are diverted pre- or post-charging but before the initiation of formal court procedures.  Pre-charge diversion is generally used with low-risk youths following their contact with the police.  With pre-charge diversion, youths are diverted from the system with no further processing by law enforcement or court services.  Post-charge diversion occurs when youths have been charged with an offense by the police or prosecution.  Youths must accept responsibility for their actions and agree to participate in recommended programming.  If they, do, there is no further judicial processing and successful completion of diversion programming may result in dismissal of charges.

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